Recycling Albania

Environmental Justice Is A Fundamental Human Right.

The right to life as the most important human right has as its basis a clean environment, water, soil and air.

This is Who We Are

Recycling Albania (RecycAl LLC) was founded by Lulzim Baumann and Vilma Zela in 2022. RecycAl is a product of the NGO ENFORCE, founded in 2020, whose base we created within the framework of a program of the DIASPORA 2030, funded by the German Government.

Our vision is Zero Waste and we advocate for solutions that are environmentally sound, socially just, economically feasible, and politically enforceable. We focus on helping residents, communities, and businesses implement environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.

We recognize our responsibility to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and stand for locally appropriate, cutting-edge, evidence-based win-win projects that have a significant impact in Albania, the Balkans and beyond.

Our Vision

Our “zero waste” concept is close to our hearts and we are committed to establishing the zero waste hierarchy in practice.

Our goal is to reduce first and then reuse everything where possible.

We believe that reuse is a very valuable thing that has a great positive impact on the environment and also brings economic benefits

Our Working Philosophy

  • Our solutions are ecologically impactful, socially equitable, economically feasible and politically viable.
  • We have high ethical standards and put sustainability impact before personal benefit.
  • We stand for transparency and thinking win-win.
  • We work in expert teams, which are international and interdisciplinary.
  • Participatory and discursive discussions enhance the quality of our solutions.
  • We include local experts and/or local high potentials to pass on our know-how.
  • Our communication is as short as possible, precise, and impact-oriented.
  • We invest a lot in expanding and maintaining a network of engaged, trustworthy experts and decision-makers.
  • We believe in that every single individual can make a difference.
  • Therefore, we invest a lot in the individual expertise of each and every one of our members. By uniting our resources, change is closer!

Our Team

Lulzim Baumann

Founder / CEO

Vilma Zela


Bleona Zela


Bledar Milaqi


Our Partners

Our Supporters