Recycling Albania

Opportunities for reuse systems and women’s empowerment

Duration: June 2023 – August 2023


The overview section would introduce the context and rationale behind focusing on reusable packaging systems in Kosovo. This would include discussing the current reliance on a linear economy model — “take, make, waste” — and the opportunities to shift towards a circular economy. This section might also outline how this shift could address both environmental concerns, like plastic waste reduction, and social issues, such as gender inequality in the workplace.


The objectives of the study would likely be detailed as follows:

1. To assess the potential of reusable packaging systems in Kosovo to reduce plastic waste and encourage sustainable practices.

2. To explore the economic implications of adopting such systems, particularly in terms of creating new business opportunities and fostering economic growth within the context of a circular economy.

3. To study the impact of these systems on gender equality, especially focusing on increasing entrepreneurial opportunities for women in the circular economy sector.

4. To develop actionable strategies for businesses, policymakers, and other stakeholders to implement reusable packaging solutions effectively.


– Primary Research: Conducting interviews with local businesses, municipalities, NGOs, and CSOs to gather insights into the current market dynamics, barriers to the adoption of reusable systems, and the specific challenges and opportunities for women.

– Secondary Research: Reviewing existing literature, studies, and policies relevant to waste management, circular economy practices, and gender equality in Kosovo and similar contexts.

– Case Studies: Analysis of successful models from other regions or sectors that could be adapted for use in Kosovo.

– Stakeholder Workshops: Engaging with various stakeholders to validate findings and collaboratively develop implementation strategies.

– Recommendations and Report Writing: Crafting a comprehensive set of recommendations based on the research findings, tailored to the specific needs and conditions of Kosovo. This would culminate in a detailed report summarizing the study’s findings and proposing next steps.

Funding by GIZ and implemented by Adelphi consult GmbH