Recycling Albania

Duration: June 2023-  February 2024


The project “Women United for a Clean Environment” is aimed at empowering women business owners in the textile industry to adopt and implement environmentally sustainable practices, particularly in the realms of environmental and water management. By leveraging the expertise of environmental specialists and through collaborative learning, the project seeks to make a significant positive impact on local ecosystems and resource use efficiency.


1. Educate and Empower: Increase awareness and knowledge among women entrepreneurs about environmental sustainability, focusing on water management and waste reduction.

2. Implement Sustainable Practices: Encourage and support the adoption of eco-friendly practices that can be directly applied to their businesses, thereby reducing environmental footprints.

3. Enhance Compliance and Marketability: Help businesses meet local and international environmental standards, improving their competitiveness in the global market.

4. Build a Community of Practice: Foster a network of women entrepreneurs who are committed to environmental stewardship, facilitating peer learning and support.


1. Expert-Led Training Sessions: Organize comprehensive training sessions with environmental experts like Lulzim Baumann, covering topics such as sustainable materials, waste management, and water conservation.

2. Workshops and Practical Demonstrations: Conduct hands-on workshops where participants can learn practical applications of sustainable practices directly relevant to their operations.

3. Follow-Up Support and Consulting: Provide ongoing support through additional workshops, individual consultations, and monitoring to ensure the successful implementation and optimization of sustainable practices.

5. Community Building Events: Host networking events to strengthen the ties between participants, encouraging a collaborative approach to tackling environmental issues in the industry.

These structured activities are designed to promote environmental knowledge and practical application, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible textile industry in Kosovo.

Funding by SDC – Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo (SCO) and implemented by Opea Bardha