Recycling Albania

Duration: November 2023- February 2024

Overview and objectives:

The Zero Waste Training Project in Peja, Kosovo, educated students on environmental sustainability by introducing practical ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste, turning them into proactive environmental leaders. Through hands-on learning and leadership, the project inspired a shift toward green practices for a sustainable future. It embraced the Zero Waste philosophy, focusing on reducing waste through smarter resource use and recycling, while the circular economy model enhanced resource management by extending product lifecycles through remanufacturing and refurbishment, aiming to reduce waste and foster sustainable consumption.


1. Educational Workshops: Pupils engaged in sessions and discussions to enhance their understanding of environmental sustainability and learn practical strategies for reducing waste as part of the Zero Waste concept.

2. Zero Waste Training: This session focused on simple waste reduction and recycling techniques, educating both pupils and teachers.

3. Waste Management Education: Students received training on the importance of waste separation, recycling, and composting to foster better waste management habits.

4. Zero Waste Initiative: A training session aimed at integrating zero waste principles into the daily routines of students and staff.

5. Sustainability Learning: An educational session that promoted awareness of zero waste strategies and sustainable practices among students.

6. Collaborative Meetings with Local Municipalities: Discussions with the municipalities of Peja and Tuzi focused on enhancing community-wide support and implementing sustainable waste management solutions.

Funding: By the European Union, co-financed by Municipality of Tuzi and Municipality of Peja, under the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Montenegro – Kosovo. In cooperation with EcoZ.