Recycling Albania

Project Title: Fossil fuels have no future in Albania

Duration: November 2023- August 2024 Project Overview: This project seeks to develop a climate-neutral, affordable energy production policy for Albania, focusing on avoiding further gasification of the electricity sector and discouraging new investments in gas infrastructure. Objectives: – To propose a policy that aligns with both climate goals and energy needs without increasing dependency on […]

Project Title: Zero Waste and Circular Economy Training in Peja Schools/ Nera Project

Duration: November 2023- February 2024 Overview and objectives: The Zero Waste Training Project in Peja, Kosovo, educated students on environmental sustainability by introducing practical ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste, turning them into proactive environmental leaders. Through hands-on learning and leadership, the project inspired a shift toward green practices for a sustainable future. It […]

Project Title: Training in Waste Management and 3R

Duration: November 2023- December 2023 Overview and objectives: In Pristina, Peja, and Gjakova, the “Waste Management and 3R” module, led by circular economy expert Lulzim Baumann, was presented as part of the Circular Economy Educational Workshop Series. This initiative focuses on teaching sustainable waste management strategies based on the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle […]

Project Title: Training of waste management for 20 schools of Kamez municipality, infrastructure and collection

Duration: October 2023- Ongoing Overview and objectives: The agreement between the Municipality of Kamëz and Recycal – Recycling Albania for the collection of segregated recyclable materials, environmental education, and the competition for the best environmental performance among the 17 schools of the Municipality of Kamëz. In addition to waste management efforts, the agreement also prioritizes […]

Project Title: Women united for a clean environment

Duration: June 2023-  February 2024 Overview: The project “Women United for a Clean Environment” is aimed at empowering women business owners in the textile industry to adopt and implement environmentally sustainable practices, particularly in the realms of environmental and water management. By leveraging the expertise of environmental specialists and through collaborative learning, the project seeks […]

Project Title: Circular economy in Kosovo

Opportunities for reuse systems and women’s empowerment Duration: June 2023 – August 2023 Overview The overview section would introduce the context and rationale behind focusing on reusable packaging systems in Kosovo. This would include discussing the current reliance on a linear economy model — “take, make, waste” — and the opportunities to shift towards a […]

Trash Art Competition

The 2023 Trash Art Contest, organized with the help of five Peace Corps volunteers from Albania and Montenegro, involved four schools from these countries. This year’s theme focused on “Zero Waste.” This year’s categories included visual arts, environmental projects, and graphic arts. Participants were required to create art pieces using items typically considered trash. These […]

Project name: E-waste Legal Analysis for Albania and Kosovo

The project “E-waste Analysis for Albania and Kosovo” aims to streamline and enhance the handling and management of electronic waste across both countries. Central to the project are several key areas: waste classification, storage, in-country transfer, and notification procedures. Templates have been created to understand these processes, ensuring consistency and compliance with regulations. Additionally, there […]